It's a simple concept

It involves SUNRISE on the beach (or under a tree)

And Chakras!

Live streamed, or watch the replay in your time-zone, or whenever you like. Can you find a 35 min space in your day to relax and regenerate with me?

This is a private group to energetically support people just like you.

There is drama after drama as the moment as Gaia resets - you may be struggling emotionally, mentally and physically. These beautiful guided nature meditations will bring you

  •  plenty of stable energy

  • an awareness of your Chakras and what a powerful resource they are for you

  • grounded feelings - being positive and sure of yourself

  • a knowing you won't be drained today

  • ready to do what you do best in a time of crisis


Come watch the SUNRISE with me (or catch replay)

I will

  • Live stream the sunrise on the beach or at home with my sacred healing tree

  • Lead you through a gentle breathing exercise to wake up your body awareness.

  • Assist you to guide the Sunrise light into each of your 7 Chakras

  • And then send Light forward to your whole day

How will you feel?​

  • energised with a happy brain

  • balanced - harmonious - capable

  • heightened intuition so you can make 'on-point' decisions as life changes quickly around you

  • that you are able to positively affect everyone you interact with

  • and not react rashly to people who are lashing out because of society's many stressors

What are Chakras?

Valentina Mathias|


Sunrise+Chakra Activations with Master Akashic Healer, Valentina Mathias