About Valentina Mathias

I am a Master Akashic Healer living and working on the East Coast of NSW, Australia. I love that my lifestyle incorporates walking on the beach every day and energy clearing/meditating. I often walk in the Forest too - this helps me to remain connected to nature and feel happy, grounded and balanced - I believe we have an ancestral relationship with the plant kingdom going back centuries - aeons. I breathe very deeply when I am there. ​Luckily I am currently still able to continue these nature visits.


I also work with a Sacred Healing Tree at home - which is where we will do the Sunrise Chakra Activations if it is raining, or if we go into lock-down.


Three things people say about me:

  • I am a peaceful, floating energy field.

  • My teaching methods are innovative, practical and effective.

  • I am nurturing to be around and people feel better for having spent time with me.


Qualifications & Areas of Expertise:

  • Karuna Reiki Master teacher and practitioner.

  • Akashic Records teacher and practitioner.

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healer.

  • Crystal Whisperer.

  • Quantum Ho'oponopono facilitator and practitioner.

  • doTERRA pure essential oils advocate, teacher and mentor.​​

Valentina Mathias| valentina@sunshineinherheart.com


Sunrise+Chakra Activations with Master Akashic Healer, Valentina Mathias