I see you

Hello there. I see you - I see how you are making a new path for people. You are amazing, do you know that? The position you are now being put in to support your community, your family, your client base, and your friends is such a big call. I know as a gentle soul you are doing well - that is how people like us are; we do well in a range of unexpected situations. It gets hard though doesn’t it? The world is feeling tossed and turned in many ways by this upheaval after upheaval … brilliant, wonderful people are broken, wounded and in need of lifting up, so they can survive, perhaps even blossom and move forward.  As part of being the calm among the chaos you need a way to help yourself first and foremost -a way that is nurturing and joyful.  Your particular input and vision is important for your people, and for the world. Perhaps you are wondering if you can make it  – everyday life is so wearing on your nervous system at the moment, let alone lasting the distance - emanating happiness, peace and balance for all those around you - your personal vibration is exactly what is going to create a better world as we find new ways to move forward together.

My goal is to help you to  sparkle from a sure strength inside. That is where I come in to help you with my 14 - 17 day Sunrise Experience. They run from New Moon to Full Moon, and you can watch the repeats as often as you need to. 

In the 'downtime' from Full Moon to New Moon you just go about your life allowing all the energies you collected in the 'on' cycle to work their magic. While you wait for the next cycle to begin on the New Moon you can watch replays of the Sunrise Chakras as needed - you will probably find you have a couple of favourites that you keep going back to.  I post up relaxing reminders and tips about the energies on the planet for you as you 'let go' from Full Moon to New Moon.

As a Healer, for myself I do daily energy top-ups of clearing and expansion linking into Gaia’s cycles with Sun, Moon, Tides and Forest. This is important – I literally couldn’t function without this level of self-care and I would guess that now, neither can you.


I invite you to sign up for my  Sunrise Chakra Activations to keep you connected with these hugely beneficial energy rituals too (watch live or catch the reply at a time that suits you) Otherwise we are looking at coffee and stress to keep going, and that isn't actually helping anyone is it? Plus it isn't going to get you through more than a few weeks, and we are going to be here for a while, here amid all the changes. 

My programme runs from New Moon to Full Moon - a 14-17 day cycle every lunar month and are live-streamed via a private fb group. I am looking at developing an app too to make it even easier for people to log on and see the day's healing meditation. And then from Full Moon to New Moon you relax and release, allow life to flow around you (plus you can do replays for a top up if needed!)

I suspect you lift everyone around you. You deserve to sparkle truly from the inside – the self-care you need is different from others – it is deeper and sustains your energetic body as well as your body systems. This is self-care on a deep survival level, but it is also very beautiful to experience


Community needs people like you. Your client base needs you. Your family needs you. Your friends need you. Your future needs you. Our planet needs you.


And I am here to start your day off with amazing energy for you as you surge forward each day with Sunshine in your Heart. 

Valentina xox

Valentina Mathias| valentina@sunshineinherheart.com


Sunrise+Chakra Activations with Master Akashic Healer, Valentina Mathias