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I am thrilled you have signed up for Sunrise+Chakras Activations as a Founding Member

As well as your super-discounted subscription price, you are able to gift this experience to one woman each month ... a client, friend, family member - whoever you like. How does that work I hear you ask?

*When this programme is a gift* - ask your person to write that you have gifted this to her in the 'open comments' question that pops up when you send her the 'She Has Sunshine In Her Heart' fb group link. Simple & Joyful.

*Should you decide to cancel in the future, just message me here on the website or via facebook and I will cancel your subscription. Easy. I like to keep life and business functional hassle-free.

Love you lots and see you at the next New Moon.

Valentina Mathias

Valentina Mathias|


Sunrise+Chakra Activations with Master Akashic Healer, Valentina Mathias