You are In!


I am thrilled you have signed up for Sunrise+Chakras Activations. I will email you within 24 hrs to see where to send your Sunshine Spray. 

Here is the link to our private fb group - please ask to join:


There are a couple of questions that will pop up when you request to join the group - one is asking for you email - that is so I know who to approve - so put in the email that you used when you paid for this programme. Thank you!

Ask your friend to write that she is your guest in the 'open comments' questions when she requests membership to the group and I will approve her (for this cycle).

*Should you decide to cancel in the future, just message me here on the website or via facebook and I will cancel your subscription. Easy. I like to keep life and business simple, functional hassle-free.

See you on the 25th!,    Valentina Mathias

Valentina Mathias|


Sunrise+Chakra Activations with Master Akashic Healer, Valentina Mathias